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First Two Weeks at Gladney

I have LOVED getting to work at Gladney! Heidi Bruegel Cox (whom I work with in Legal) is good about making this a two-way experience in which I learn from and about Gladney as much as I work for Gladney. I've had the chance to go with Heidi to a local hospital and listen to her present to the current resident class of OB-GYNs about the adoption services Gladney could offer their clients.

The best part of my experience thus far was attending Adoptive Parent Orientation. It was amazing! Couples came to learn about the next steps in the adoption process and have all their questions answered. It was wonderful to hear from three birth-moms about their journeys - they are all so sweet, bright and thoughtful.

My big project for the summer is researching the cost associated with state adoptions and with children leaving the foster care system. I have spent the first half of this week looking into the costs associated with future homelessness of youth who age out of foster care - it is as…

Gladney Volunteer Blogs from Ethiopia

This blog is by one of Gladney's volunteers currently in Ethiopia. Reading it will make you smile and remind you that every bit of attention we give these kids matters! Liana (our volunteer) is piloting a "read aloud" project that enhances both language development and literacy with the kids in our foster care centers in Addis.

You're All That I Call My Own


As many of you have already heard, today is my last day. =( I have had such a wonderful experience during my time here, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with such amazing, caring, and knowledgeable people. I have felt welcome from the first day that I came. I have had numerous opportunities and experiences that I will carry with me throughout my life. I have really had the chance to grow both as a person and professionally during my internship. I cannot speak enough praises about the people I have worked with or Gladney as an agency. I am truly blessed to have had such a wonderful experience. From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone who allowed me to work with them, observe them, or just pick their brain for a little while. Thank you all so very much for making my internship such a valuable learning experience.

Grace Brown