Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Days

I am a second year student at the University of Texas Arlington getting my master's in social work. I heard about Gladney from fellow peers and one of my professors who used to work here as a caseworker for domestic adoptions. My heart and strengths are working with and for children and they all had wonderful things to say about this organization. I knew this is where I wanted to come Intern. I started on Monday and every experience has been wonderful. I am working with Grace in Family Services and learning all the ends and outs about paperwork and post-adoption requirements for international adoptions.
On my first day I was blessed to be able to meet a family who had just come back home from adopting internationally. They brought their new little boy up to Glandey for everyone to meet. It is so good to see the real life effects of what everyone does here. They were so happy and proud of their new son. It was very inspiring.
Also, I was able to go to my first employee meeting this morning. It was great to see slide shows and hear about trips to Costa Rica and Honduras. Both trips visited orphanages and connected with kids who needed adopted and the advocates in those countries who partner with us to make that happen.
It stirs my heart to see all these people working together to help children and families in need. But more importantly, is the staff's attitudes and encouragement to each other. I have been here four days and still have not heard a single negative word about their work or the organization. And that has not happened at any other place I have worked. I know it is a hard job and at times their are frustrations, but thank you for staying so positive and encouraging.
I am so excited for my next four months and will keep an update on everything I get to learn!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last day at Gladney!

Oh no! Today is my last day at Gladney. Recruitment and school are starting along with a whole bunch of other new things! So today, unfortunately, I will be leaving. :( I really enjoyed my internship here and I learned a lot. I am really thankful for the opportunity I was given here and how useful I felt while I was here. And on my last day at Gladney I had the wonderful opportunity to say goodbye to Parent Profiles. I think we've parted on good terms; I managed to upload almost everything I needed! And I was even invited to sit in on a brainstorming activity for a new social networking group that we want to get up and running for birth moms. So Goodbye Gladney and Thank You. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Week at Gladney

Hello All!
Unfortunately this is my last week at Gladney. I start recruitment next week and then school starts on August 22. Today Nancy gave me a birthday card which was really sweet of her! I turned 21 yesterday. And I also did a ton of work on Gladney parent profiles. We had some edits to make on one profile and it took a while to get everything right. Other than that I finished doing keywords for some pictures in this one file I've been working on for a couple of days. I added some other Gladney adoptive parents as friends for one of our newer couples on facebook. I never realized how much of a slacker I looked like when I'm on facebook all the time (haha) but I am actually supposed to be doing that! I fixed the fiasco from friday when I accidently made profiles before we had their e-mails up and runnnig! Glad that's all taken care of. I'm really sad to leave on Wednesday but I am really excited to start my last semester of college. As always, I've enjoyed my day as an intern...until Wednesday!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday at Gladney

Hello... today has definitely been one of those days. I forgot my code to get in the building and started work on facebook and parent profiles for adoptive couples and I completely forgot to set up their email so the confirmations went nowhere :( But it is actively being fixed and will be fine in no time! And since I was all alone upstairs today things were very quiet. I cleaned up some posters on the walls so we can bring them down. I worked on some Gladney Parent Profiles which I managed to not mess up!! Thank goodness. Then I helped keyword some of our photos from special events we've done. Well the weekend is upon us, and my birthday (which is sunday!!) will be here very soon so I'm really excited. Once again, enjoyed my day at Gladney today!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nancy is back!

Finally back to a normal schedule here at Gladney. It's really nice to have everything back to the way it was. EXCEPT now we're moving downstairs! Unfortunately I'm not going yet so I'll be stuck up on the second floor until next week. That's ok though because today Nancy gave me Photoshop and InDesign. Wohoo! Only the best programs ever! I can't wait to use them. Today I did mostly facebook update stuff for adoptive parents and did a lot of editing on birth mom stories so we can use them for calendars and stuff in the future. Well, until friday...