Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Week at Gladney

Hello All!
Unfortunately this is my last week at Gladney. I start recruitment next week and then school starts on August 22. Today Nancy gave me a birthday card which was really sweet of her! I turned 21 yesterday. And I also did a ton of work on Gladney parent profiles. We had some edits to make on one profile and it took a while to get everything right. Other than that I finished doing keywords for some pictures in this one file I've been working on for a couple of days. I added some other Gladney adoptive parents as friends for one of our newer couples on facebook. I never realized how much of a slacker I looked like when I'm on facebook all the time (haha) but I am actually supposed to be doing that! I fixed the fiasco from friday when I accidently made profiles before we had their e-mails up and runnnig! Glad that's all taken care of. I'm really sad to leave on Wednesday but I am really excited to start my last semester of college. As always, I've enjoyed my day as an intern...until Wednesday!

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