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Being the "Adoption Guide"

As the marekting intern, I gert to experience all sides of Gladney. This week I have been helping out with a youtube video that shows potential birth parents their options as far as where to live during their adoption process. I had a lot of fun mixed with a little stress making the video, but I hope the video will shine some light on living options to birth mothers and also let them know how much Gladney cares about them.
Here's the video!

Life as an Intern for New Beginnings and Transitional Care

I have had an amazing experience as an intern. Tanya and Holly are beyond amazing and they help me learn something new each day. From the very first day that I got here, I have been diving head first into many new and exciting things. I have gone on home studies and I've gotten a chance to hold babies and care for them. I have worked on a resource list and I have also started doing a lot of work for Gladney in general. I love it and it is a wonderful place to work.