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My time here...

My time at Gladney has gone by so quickly! I've loved being an intern for the transitional care and new beginnings programs! 2 of my favorite things I have done have been going on homestudies and going to a matching event in San Antonio. I love being able to interact with the families taking that first step towards adoption. It is so wonderful to hear what has led them to Gladney and their stories. I also enjoyed going to the matching event and getting to know the foster kids waiting to be adopted. It was definitely a great opportunity to see the kids and hang out with them.

One of my projects has been making the resource list on Portal easier to navigate so we can fully utilize the resources available to us.There are filters besides each category that make it easier to navigate a specific resource in a specific state, city, or type.

Thank you all for being so welcoming and helpful! This is such a wonderful environment to be able to work in. :-)

- Lindsey Patterson

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Making Infographics

For one of my projects this week, I had to learn how to make an info-graphic to show the process of adoption from the birth mothers perspective to post on Pinterest. It was a "learn as you go" process since I have never made an info-graphic. Through a lot of trial and error, I finally got a finished product and posted it  on pinterest! Take a look!

Making a Parent Profile

This past week I learned how to make a parent profile for couples looking to adopt from Gladney Center for Adoption. A parent profile is what goes online on and is under the tab "Parent Profiles". This is very exciting to learn how to do because you are making it possible for birth mothers to find their perfect home and family for their baby. The birth mother will look through the list of potential parents and decide which parents she wishes to speak to, and then the adoption process for the family begins! It makes me feel great knowing I am helping in the process of adoption for birth mothers as well as with couples looking for the perfect addition to their family!