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Interesting Day

Today I finalized the format of some tasks I was assigned last week. Then, I was able to work on Parent Profiles and do more than just input pictures finally! I organized the BM letter and put in their pictures to accompany it. I also added in their favorites. After working with Parent Profiles, I needed to use Family Builder and now I've been able to get more familiar with that program! All in all, a nice productive day! Until Wednesday...

Research, Research, Research

Today I continued my research on Russian adoptions. I spent the majority of the day doing that since there are over 30 accredited agencies, including Gladney. Katye (another marketing employee) and I figured out how to mail videos today! It took us a couple of tries because we forgot a step and we weren't sure which program to select on the postage stamp machine but Katye figured it out eventually. Success. Anyways...keeping things interesting over here at Gladney. :)

Lots of Things to do Today

Today was interesting because I did a lot of different tasks. I researched other companies who are celebrating their 125th anniversary just like Gladney is. It was surprising to see which companies had also been around for so long. Then I added in some things to the inventory sheet that needed to be updated. My supervisor is out of town so she left me some tasks to do, so I worked on that for a bit. I am researching accredited agencies who work with Russia on international adoptions. I created a facebook profile for a new couple interested in adoption and edited another couple's profile. I was finally able to work on, which I've been waiting to do, but I only had time to insert their pictures. Maybe next time...

Staying Productive

Today was a short, yet busy day. I finally finished all the content word documents I had to do to help with changing the website! Yay! After that I searched for free directories to help out another Gladney Center with some PR. And now everyone knows who to email when the supplies are out downstairs! Then I was going to work on parent profiles, but unfortunately we had a small assignment come up. So I didn't get to try it out, but I did get to put together an article and its photos into a cute layout for an event tomorrow. Next week hopefully I'll have time to get acquainted with parent profiles and I'm looking forward to the projects that I've already received to work on. Now it's time for me to go for the always, I enjoy my time at Gladney!

Website Work!

Today I went through the Gladney websites and saved all the content on each link to our services so that we can get it ready to "spiff" up. All the original sites are still up and running though if anyone would like to check it out! I myself didn't realize how many countries Gladney works with and I'm learning more about domestic programs also.

Ps. I got an A on the first test in my summer course :)

Busy Busy

Today at Gladney, I was able to do a lot of things. We went downstairs and took inventory of all the materials under the marketing department. I typed up all the materials in a spread sheet so we can stay organized from now on! Then I finally turned in the powerpoint templates and birth mom packet covers I had been working on. Hope they like 'em! I made a facebook profile for potential parents which was probably the most fun and now I'm organizing some materials. So far, this internship is proving to be pretty interesting. That's all for now :)

Learning the Ropes

Today is my second day interning at Gladney! I continued to work on templates for powerpoint presentations and created a few options for birth mother introduction packets. I also met with another marketing staff member. She trained me to make profiles for potential adoptive parents for the website. I look forward to helping with these profiles; it seems like it's going to be a lot of fun! Another thing I did was familiarize myself with the new website and made sure that things are running smoothly.

First Day

Today is my first day at Gladney as a marketing intern! So far, I've been introduced to a lot of new programs and I'm already working on templates for powerpoints and introduction packets for birth mothers. These new templates will match up with the new website for birth mothers. I can't wait to start working on other things this summer and I know this is going to be a great experience.