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Finally Back at Gladney!'s been a while! I went on vacation and now Nancy is on vacation so I haven't been here in a while. It feels good to be back and I'm glad I have a few more weeks at Gladney before I go back to school! Today I took it easy and just helped out Katye. We sent out an introduction video to potential adoptive parents. We went through keywords for Gladney pictures and made sure they all had some. I didn't get to do much else since I had 147 e-mails in my inbox! That's what happens when you go away for two weeks. It took me almost 45 minutes to go through them all. Anways...until next time :)

Good Day

Today I made a new quiz to put on the information website for pregnant women. I had a lot of fun editing the content and arranging it to fit our purposes. I like doing things that are like making websites. Its really quite interesting and its amazing how many people online create these services for you to use so easily. After I finished the quiz, I worked on parent profiles for gladney and for another website we use frequently. Now I'm off to spend time with my family that is in town this week!

Editing Websites

Today I followed up on the website content I overlooked on Wednesday. Some of the suggestions I made needed more information or needed to be more specific so I researched what was missing. On the website for educating pregnant teens about adoption, there are worksheets available to help pregnant women understand the costs that are going to come with pregnancy and when their babies are born. I researched all these costs and put them together in an easily accessible table format so that women could see what they are really getting in to. We changed one of the worksheets and made it more effective. And last but not least, I had to go in and write down which links would work better linking to specific sites to our Gladney website. After a productive day, I am now off for the weekend! :)

It's been a while...

Today is my first day back in over a week! Friday and Monday we were off for the Fourth of July holiday, which was excellent if I may say so myself. Lots of family time and some fun on the lake! Unfortunately I had to miss last wednesday too, because of an unexpected car breakdown. Luckily it was only a dead battery but for a girl who doesn't know squat about cars it felt like that was the end of Henry! :( (Yes, I name my car). But he is now back in full commission. Today has been good. I looked over a website educating young teens about pregnancy and their options. It was actually quite resourceful and I just made sure everything was in working condition and that the information was easy to find. For the rest of today I have been working on Gladney Parent Profiles and Parent Until Friday...