Monday, January 11, 2010

It's not Business, It's Personal

Well, it is the beginning of my second full week here at Gladney as an intern, and it has been wonderful! I think that my favorite part about being here, besides the free cake that randomly shows up in the break room, is the people that are here. I have felt continually supported by each person I come in contact with. Each time I ask a question, or look lost, I am anwered with a smiling face and a helpful attitude! So, thank you Gladney staff! :)

As I am typing this, I am overhearing a conversation with a caseworker and one of their clients, and the caseworker is getting to tell the family that they will be able to travel to visit a child in the next month! On the phone the mother started crying at the thought of, possibly , seeing their new baby in a month...and then I started crying as I recognized how special and personal this work is. What is done here touches lives, not only the families lives, but the staff's (and intern's) as well! That family will be changed from today on, despite whether or not they are able to take that little baby home.

This is just one of MANY stories that happen here each week. I am so thankful to have been a part, even if it was only in eavesdropping, of that family's story, and a part of the Gladney family, for this time.

-Sheryl Roberts


  1. I went through Gladney in 2000 and published an e book about my experience, a positive one. You can read it at under the family heading. It's called "MacKenzie's Hope."
    Thanks for your efforts and hard work with birth moms.

  2. Thanks for that information, I will check that out! And I'm glad to hear your had such a great experience with Gladney!:)