Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pathways Training

Earlier this month we had International Pathways Training. This is a required training session to help prepare soon to be parents of children adopted internationally and between the ages of 2-16. The international program at Gladney is pretty amazing, they help children from all over the world find homes. I came away from Pathways with a better understanding of children and their needs and fears (especially children who have been through a tough experience in early childhood). I am not a mother and am not planning to become one any time soon, but after this training I felt prepared enough to!  The couples who came sat through the two-day training session full of activities, movie clips, professional speakers, child rearing techniques, and even left with a parenting tool box filled with more useful information. I was really lucky to start my internship when I did because I was able to attend the Pathways, I enjoyed it so much!

-Jordan Adair
Family Services Intern

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