Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life as a Marketing Intern

I have loved every moment I have worked as an intern at Gladney. I only started interning here a few weeks ago and have already learned so much! One of the amazing things I get to do is make Facebook pages for couples who want to adopt through Gladney. I put their pictures they submit to us in an album and also put their letter to the birth mom in the captions to help them further their chances to be chosen as new parents! Another task that I do which is very fulfilling is making informational packets to send to men and women inquiring international adoption! I am always happy to make these packets because I know that these packets help these men and women decide on whether they really want to adopt and if they do want to adopt, where they will be adopting their child from. Working here at Gladney has been very fulfilling and know I will continue to love working here!

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