Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As a current MSW student at the University of Pittsburgh, I have been doing my internship with Cheryl Parkhill up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! As I had such an amazing first year experience, I jumped at the chance to stay on for another year to complete my Concentration field placement. So Cheryl and I have just begun round two and I am excited about the potential these next two semesters hold. Last year I learned a lot about Home Studies and Post Placements and was able to interact with families involved in adoptions through China, Ethipoia, Bulgaria and Colombia. I also was able to develop my Doula skills as I was present at one of our birth mother's deliveries! As I am currently working to get DONA certified to be a Doula, this was a welcome experience. This semester we will focus more on Birth Parent Services as I assist Cheryl with developing and facilitating a birth parent support group. This is something that is virtually nonexistent in Pittsburgh so we are hopeful for a positive turnout. Our first session is July 9th. I will also be working more closely with referral sources in the area and doing some outreach to increase our impact in our community. I think Gladney has a lot to teach aspiring adoption workers and the experience so far has been incredibly positive. I hope all of the other new and old interns are enjoying their time with Gladney as well.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting about your experience!