Thursday, July 2, 2015

I am a Gladney Baby and a Gladney Intern!

Where do I begin?!

My summer as an intern at Gladney Center for Adoption is one that I have been looking forward to for a few years. I knew I wanted to be here and experience the behind the scenes of an organization that is so special to me. I have always been a part of the Gladney family! My birth mother made an adoption plan for me and chose the most loving, amazing parents I could have ever had. They push me to be my best and make it possible for me to fulfill my dreams. I am forever grateful that she chose life and adoption for me. The Lord has a purpose for me and I am glad that I am alive to be able to pursue it!

After choosing my major in college and forming more of an interest in helping professions, I knew I needed to spend time here. It has been such a blessing! I work with such kind, professional people who strive to make their workplace friendly and encouraging. They have hearts of gold and work unimaginably hard to find forever families for sweet little ones. I have even gotten the privilege to meet some people who were at Gladney at the time of my adoption! 

While I can’t imagine spending my summer anywhere else, these past few weeks have not gone without a huge amount of emotions I wasn’t expecting to have. From crying when I got to see the placement room for the first time, to meeting a few kiddos who are also Gladney babies, it has been very emotional. Luckily, I have had plenty of sweet coworkers to encourage me that this is normal, and that there are tissues everywhere for a reason! 

I have learned so much about my area of study, too. I have been able to apply what I have learned in my college classes about family systems, grief, and other topics that can be difficult. It has helped me to process my own feelings about my personal story, and I didn’t even realize that I needed to! 

Needless to say, this has been a summer of a lifetime. I have grown so much personally, and I feel like the precious groups of interns who are with me at Gladney would say the same!

Marketing Intern & Gladney Baby


  1. I met a lady who was adopted from France via Edna Gladnsy. She knew Ms Gladnsy. She is in her late 70s probably. Cool, huh?

  2. I sldo think Im and Edna Gladney baby, as well. My birth mother was only 16 and she said she thinks that's the name of the home she went into in Oklahoma City in late 1955. I was born in 1956