Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I can't believe another week has gone by already! I was able to go as a witness for a relinquishment last week. It was a really great opportunity to get a clearer picture of the whole process of adoption and understand more about Gladney. I had no idea what a relinquishment was going to be like, but it seemed to go smoothly and the birth parents appeared confident in their decision to choose adoption.

Here is a look at some projects I have been working on:

  • New PowerPoint templates for International Programs - which include the country specific toy on the slides - a great idea we got from Angie!
  • Connecting Facebook and Blogger
  • Archiving photos in order to make pictures easier to find
  • Updating the Birth Mother color pallate with some fun new colors!

Next week I will attend an Orientation for Adoptive Parents so check back to hear about how it goes!

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