Monday, January 31, 2011

New Look, Same Gladney

Hey everyone!
So, this past week I was busy researching other adoption agencies. Not because I was looking for a new place to work, but because I was checking out what they looked like. What do I mean? Well, Gladney is going to revamp their website. We have been comparing our old website to other agencies to see what look and feel people are attracted to most.
My question to you is: what do you like the most when visiting a website? An attractive color scheme? Ease of navigation? More pictures? Streamline buttons and a contemporary design? What do you like and dislike about some of our competitors?
Take a look:
American World Adoption
American Adoptions
Adoption ARK
Adoption Network
All God's Children
Look at one, or look at them all, but we would really appreciate any or all of your feedback!


  1. American World Adoption:
    The white colour scheme is very aesthetically pleasing but can be contrued as too sterile.
    Their box design is great and very clear to read.
    The font is trendy but not boring (ie not arial or times new roman!)
    Its navigational tools are very clear and easy to get the information you are interested in.
    I am typically drawn to a more trendier website than this, but for the age group of people who adopt (20-55), this site is good particularly for the older end of that spectrum
    most professional looking site.

    American Adoptions:
    The website jumped out to me as a bright, colourful and fun site
    Easy navigation and not too much on home page
    Strong use of pictures and videos
    Best balance between professionalism and family friendliness

    Adoption Ark:
    On first glance seems to be an outdated, less modern site.
    Feels quite cluttered and old styles of font is not attractive.
    Doesn't seem as professional because of aforementioned points. Didn't feel it was easy to access information.

    Adoption Network:
    Colouring and fonts make the website look outdated.
    Clear information, but not as pleasing visually as other "competitors".
    The search buttons with different pictures on the "Waiting families" page are an cool feature.

    All God's Children:
    The site that has the best use of pictures on the home page
    Clear navigation through the site, aided by bright, large "buttons" for various features
    The fonts and colouring give quite a warm family-friendly feel
    Pages aren't overloaded with information

    Hope this is helpful to you!!

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback, Sebrina!