Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Power of One

It is amazing to see the impact one individual can have on his or her peers and a community.  Recently, Kaitlyn, a high school senior, was required to complete a year-long project including a research paper. She wrote her paper about why she believes adoption is a better choice than abortion. She said it is not only better for the children, but also for the adoptive parents and birth parents. She wants to raise money for the Gladney Center for Adoption and make a donation to the Gift of Family Annual Campaign. She plans to sell t-shirts that promote adoption and host a Zumba class. She said she wants to do these things because supports a wonderful cause. She also felt it was a way to help her peers realize "that adoption is a better option than abortion, which is definitely relevant for teenagers now and will be for years to come."

What have you been doing to make a difference? We would love to hear your stories!

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  1. I love to see the passion that kids today have for various causes. Way to go, Kaitlyn, for making a class assignment into so much more!