Friday, April 6, 2012

A Blessing and a Curse:

Pathways max capacity- Gladney offers an amazing training session that is designed to aid international adoptions for children 2 years-old and above, but really in my opinion all adoptive parents could learn from this training it’s so good!  I had no idea this training was so popular when I attended my first session, but apparently it reaches its max. capacity just about every month we have it and usually need to create a waitlist! This is just as much awesome news as it is stressful news. It is wonderful that Gladney’s Pathways training is requested by so many AP’s, however it makes things a little bit more complicated behind the scenes. The International and Family Services department is having to work super hard to try and keep up with the demand for more training sessions, while making sure the families that are in need of the training and a required get signed up in time. The department has no other real options but to create more dates for the training, which means more work, and less time to do it in! I am so impressed with this department’s ability to accommodate families’ needs.. that is a quality that not every adoption agency can offer.  Go Gladney!!

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