Wednesday, April 18, 2012

“Jesus loves me”:

Not all post placement visits go as smoothly as my first visit. I just returned from another post placement visit I went on with a co-worker of mine. She thought it would be a good learning experience for me to come along on this particular visit because she had known the family for a while and they have been through some tough times recently. Once we arrived we were introduced to their children, two of which were quite hyperactive and excitable. During the visit they did not listen to directions particularly well and made it difficult to proceed with the supervisory report because of the interruptions. I watched the parents as their children would interrupt and beckon for attention..  they were SO composed and patient with them! I was floored by their ability to calmly reprimand the children (maybe even provide them with a task for their child to focus on) and then continue seamlessly with our interview. It turned out that their children had sensory issues similar to ADHD or ADD, but what amazed me was the perfectly tailored parenting skills the mom and dad used when dealing with the children’s behavioral issues.  This is a great example of how no child is perfect ...but they can be perfectly matched.

A lot of parents may have not been as prepared to handle such a wily sibling group. Believe me, from an outside perspective the children may have seemed wild and unmanageable, but their parents were doing an outstanding job, and the love the children reciprocated for their parents was undeniable. As I was leaving, the little boy grabbed my hand and pulled me down to say something in my ear. He whispered, “Guess what… Jesus loves me” and had the biggest smile on his face, he hugged me and then ran off. How could anyone not love this kid? He was adorable! My favorite post placement visit yet.

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