Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tornado Warning!!!!

Today was a VERY exciting day at work, mostly due to the crazy weather we had. Around lunch time we got word that there was some bad weather coming our way and not too long after we heard on the weather channel that Johnson County, directly south of us, has a large tornado and egg sized hail. If didn’t change directions, this storm was supposed to be headed north towards the Fort Worth and Arlington area, where the Gladney headquarters is located. From the windows outside our offices we watched the clouds began to get dark and the wind start to pick up. The weather channel changed from a Severe Weather Advisory to Tornado Warning and we were briefed on safety protocol in the event of a tornado. Thankfully it never came to that, but I feel very prepared now none the less! I’m glad to see how collected my co-workers were, no one was afraid, everyone carried on with their work as if there was no alarm (besides the occasional onlooker who wanted to peek out the window J)

We all made it through the storm though.

just another perilous life-threatening day at the office, it’s what we do

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